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Over-Testing, Overprescribing & Unnecessary Procedures

The problem is, with more than 10,000 diseases to screen for,

where do you start?

Health professionals often make diagnostics and recommendations based on incomplete & imprecise information 

about their patients’ health. The healthcare industry has a significant opportunity to improve patient care and reduce costs by implementing transformative changes that eliminate "low value care" such as

Personalized Healthcare Solutions:

Using the virtual twin as a basis, personalized healthcare solutions can be developed. These solutions may include customized treatment plans, preventive measures, lifestyle modifications, and targeted interventions based on the individual's unique health profile.

Health Monitoring and Predictive Analysis:

The virtual twin is employed to monitor the individual's health in real-time. It can provide insights on current health status, identify potential risks, and offer personalized recommendations for maintaining or improving health.

Virtual Twin Creation

Utilizing the algorithms and the collected data, a virtual twin is created. The virtual twin is a digital representation of an individual's health profile, incorporating various aspects such as genetic predispositions, risk factors, disease history, and lifestyle information.

Algorithm Development:

Advanced algorithms are developed to process and analyze the collected data. These algorithms identify patterns, correlations, and insights that can be used to build a comprehensive virtual representation of an individual's health.

Data Collection:

The research teams gather relevant data about individuals' health, including biomarkers, genetic information, medical records, and lifestyle data. This data serves as the foundation for creating the virtual twin.

Build your virtual twin

Profile all diseases

Learn, predict, prevent and experiment

BioTwin's promise

What If You Could

Test & Learn, Predict & Prevent, Experiment & Discover

while you get on with your life in the real world?

understanding the best path towards weight management

Weight management

Understanding the effects of nutrition, food allergies and food intolerances


understanding how to optimize fitness


understanding how to prevent and better manage diabetes


understanding how to prevent and early diagnose cancer


better understanding of cardiovascular disease


better prevent and manage allergies


working towards solving chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue

Current Pilot & Research Projects

Whether you decide to hop on board a wellness pilot project to help you shed those extra pounds or gear up for your next big sporting event, or simply join us in pushing the boundaries of science through a research project, it's pretty awesome to know that your virtual twin can handle it all. Yep, one twin can tackle all those projects at the same time!



BioTwin is convient, with services available anywhere, even from home.


BioTwin is economically cost effective or both healthcare processionals and users


BioTwin add scientigically proven value

Imagine A World Where Medicine Is More:

That's The Power Of

Predictive, Preventive, Personalized Medicine.

Precision Health

BioTwin creates virtual twins by tracking key molecules called metabolites. Metabolomic is made of small molecules produced during the chemical processes that occur within cells. They serve as building blocks, energy sources, and signaling molecules in the body. Examples include amino acids, sugars, hormones, and waste products.


Metabolites play important roles in cellular function and most importantly directly reflects current overall health which is the results of one's environment.


Science Driven

Precision Healthcare

Biotwin is scientifically driven to drive precision healthcare

Metabolites Reflect

Your Current Health Condition


BioTwin correlating environments to health via untargeted biomarker profiling

Surounding & Pollution


BioTwin understanding your families history via untargeted biomarker profiling

Hereditary & Family


BioTwin is understanding how lifestyle, like fitness and nutrition, impacts future health via biomarker profiling

Fitness & Nutrition


BioTwin is mapping the impact of disease, illness and pain on your health.

Illness & Pain

Test Your Virtual Twin,

Before You Test Yourself.

By creating a virtual twin of a patient, BioTwin empowers clinicians and health professionals by allowing diverse simulations;

  • Virtual tests of treatment options

  • Help predict patient response to medication

  • Help identify potential complications before they arise

  • Help early detection of various conditions 

  • Assist in preventing diseases

Virtual twins are enabling us to create a parallel universe where

Virtual Twins enable healthcare professionals and user to unlock the future of personalized health.

Build your virtual twin

Your virtual twin has the potential to revolutionize healthcare by working with your health professional to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of treatments, reducing costs and time while improving the quality of care.


BioTwin is unlocking what you could be.

Virtual Twin Process


Order your starting kit for

biomarker home collection


Connect your third-party

wellness application


Complete the questionnaires


Join various research projects or enroll through a pilot partner offering

Desktop - 2 (1).png


Your virtual twin will help to

Simulate and test different treatment options

A Test
Before The Test

BioTwin recognizes that screening for diseases is expensive, time consuming, and frequently harmful.

BioTwin creates a parallel universe where you can test your virtual twin, before you test yourself. With a novel at-home biomarker kit that can be used anywhere, BioTwin creates a virtual you in the metaverse allowing to help simulate and predict health outcomes, enabling personalized healthcare and proactive interventions. It helps monitor health, detect patterns, and optimize treatments. 

Our promise aims to make healthcare accessible, convenient, affordable, and risk-free while eliminating redundancy, saving time and cost, giving you peace of mind, and empowering you to reach your full health potential.

BioTwin is the test before the test, providing a guide towards personalized healthcare that provides better results at lower costs.
BioTwin connects artificial intelligence, untargeted biomarkers and biometrics to create a virtual twin

Late diagnostic which can decrease up to 90% chance of survival

75% of healthcare spending on people with preventable chronic conditions

We Dream Of A World

Where precision health is a reality.
BioTwin connects AI, biomarkers and biometrics to create virtual twins for a future of personalized health.

Targeting The Unknown


There are about 4 million metabolites in the human body*

Over 95% of them are yet to be identified by science*

Only 100-200 are known and tested by clinicians*

Virtual Twin

Impacts Of

Low Value Care


yearly cost to the health system for the clinically unnecessary treatment of overdiagnosed cancers*


of healthcare spending on people with preventable chronic conditions*


yearly cost to the system for overscreening people who fall outside of USPSTF recommendations

Build your virtual twin

Profile all diseases

Learn, predict, prevent and experiment

By eliminating low-value care, BioTwin Can:

Low-value care (LVC) is the use of healthcare resources on care that is not needed, leading to expensive, frustrating, and sometimes harmful


Help clinicians reduce the number of diagnostic errors

BioTwin reduces diagnostic errors


Reduce cost and pressure in the healthcare system

BioTwin reduces healthcare costs


Help individuals better reach their health and fitness goals.

BioTwin improves health and fitness
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microsoft for startups
novo nordisk
IBM hyper protect accelerator
institut universitaire de cardiologie et de pneumologie de quebec universite laval
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Harvard medical school
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Affiliations, Partners & Collaborators

Affiliations, Partners & Collaborators

economie et innovation quebec
amazon web services
microsoft for startups
novo nordisk
IBM hyper protect accelerator
institut universitaire de cardiologie et de pneumologie de quebec universite laval
novo nordsk digital innovation hub itu
Harvard medical school
concordia university

Affiliations, Partners & Collaborators

Affiliations, Partners & Collaborators

Social News

Social News

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