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Pilot project in medical wellness 

Early trials of innovative decision support tools in the field of weight management and physical activity. 

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Join BioTwin’s Research Project 


Participate in the BioTwin pilot project and provide your feedback. 

Expected Outcomes of the Research

The medical wellness pilot project aims to test new decision support tools and services by developing metabolomic profiles associated with weight management and physical activity: 

  1. Comparison services 

  2. Classification 

  3. Scores 

  4. Historical tracking 

Progression of the pilot project 

The main objectives of the pilot project in weight management and physical activity monitoring are to bring innovative tools and services in medical wellness to market: 


Phase 1: Comparison Services

  • Me versus My Twin, today 

  • Me versus My Twin at time t. e.g., 1 week ago, 1 month ago, 3 months ago, etc. 

  • Me versus a reference group. e.g., Smokers, Sedentary individuals, Vegans, Chronic illness patients, etc. 


Phase 2: Classification and Score 

  1.  Diet type of My Twin. e.g., 80% vegan, 20% keto 

  2.  Body composition of My Twin. e.g., weight, fat, muscle, water, bone 

  3.  Type of activity. e.g., fat burning, cardio, high intensity 

  4.  My Twin's risk type. e.g., Nicotine, Alcohol, Other 

  5.  My Twin's percentage of bad fats 

  6.  My Twin's percentage of allergy/intolerance risk 

  7.  My Twin's percentage of sedentary behavior 

  8.  My Twin's percentage of sleep quality 

  9.  My Twin's percentage of inflammation

  10.  Biological age


Phase 2: My Twin's History

  1.  Display trends of my scores in weight management and physical activity. 

Who is eligible? 

The pilot project is open to everyone. 

​All participants must be at least 14 years old to participate in the pilot project. 

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How to participate in the weight management and physical activity monitoring pilot project? 

BioTwin makes it easy for you to participate in the pilot project. Follow the steps below to get started. 

Step 1: Create a user account via TwinMe.

To create a user account on TwinMe you by provide a valid email address and create a password. 

Step 2: Complete the "Profile Questionnaire".

Completing the profile questionnaire provides basic information, to calibrate and initiate the development of your user account.  

Step 3: Order a sampling kit for home delivery free of charge.

To complete the process, you'll order an at-home sample kit, which we will deliver to you free of charge. The kit will contain clear instructions and tools required to take non-invasive samples.  

Provide your feedback on the various dashboards, services, and scores directly from your portal. 

Please note that participants in this research project will not receive individual oncology-related results. Learn more about BioTwin's Privacy Policies.

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