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«A digital twin to transform obesity preventive strategies» Research Project

Developing Innovative Healthcare Related Decision Support Tools

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Join CIUSS-NIM and BioTwin Research Project 

The weight management research project by BioTwin has been approved by an independent ethics committee of the CIUSSS-NîM and aims to develop new decision-making tools by elaborating metabolic profiles associated with obesity prevention. The two fundamental causes of obesity remain poor diet, notably excessive calorie consumption, and lack of physical activity. 

The general population can contribute to this weight management research project by joining the control group. 

Expected Outcomes of the Research

The main objectives of the research project will help healthcare professionals reduce the number of diagnostic errors, help individuals better achieve their health and fitness goals, reduce costs and pressure on the healthcare system, and improve global health by saving lives.

  1. Early detection of obesity

  2. Prevention of chronic disease  

Who is eligible?

BioTwin invites patients from the territory of the CIUSSS of North Island of Montreal.


Six boroughs

  • Ahuntsic

  • Montreal-North

  • Bordeaux-Cartierville

  • Saint-Laurent

  • Petite Patrie

  • Villeray

General Population 

  • Elsewhere in Canada

  • Eligible as a control group


All participants must be at least 18 years old to participate in the research project.

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How to participate in the weight management research project?

BioTwin makes it easy to join the weight management Research Project. Follow the steps below to get started. 

Step 1: Create a user account via TwinMe.

To create a user account on TwinMe you by provide a valid email address and create a password. 

Step 2: Complete the "Profile Questionnaire".

Completing the profile questionnaire provides basic information, to calibrate and initiate the development of your user account.  

Step 4: Order your Free "At-Home Sample Kit".

To complete the process, you'll order an at-home sample kit, which we will deliver to you free of charge. The kit will contain clear instructions and tools required to take non-invasive samples.  

Please note that participants in this research project will not receive individual results related to obesity or weight management. Learn more about BioTwin's Privacy Policies.

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Weight management 

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