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Patient-Powered Precision

BioTwin's Patient-Centric Approach to Unlocking The Power Of Unidentified Biomarkers With A Patented AI Solution

BioTwin is the test before the test, providing a guide towards personalized healthcare that provides better results at lower costs.
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BioTwin's research initiatives are deeply rooted in the dedicated participation of diagnosed and undiagnosed individuals. Through their invaluable contribution, BioTwin aims to establish a biological profile for healthcare conditions, such as cancer and women's health issues, serving as a cornerstone for the evolution of personalized healthcare.

It's Research for the Future

Leveraging the transformative power of unidentified biomarker profiling, which was made possible by BioTwin's patented AI solutions, and "virtual twin", the goal is to pave the way for health surveillance. In doing so, BioTwin envisions a future where healthcare is not just more predictive and preventive for the current population but also lays a foundation for a healthier future generation, ensuring that they inherit a world with optimized health outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

Virtual Twins enable healthcare professionals and user to unlock the future of personalized health.

Three Benefits of Participating in BioTwin's Research

BioTwin recognizes the sensitivity and challenges of this period for many participants, which drives our commitment to initiate change and streamline the participation process for utmost convenience.

1. Patient-Powered Progress: Engage with pioneering research in personalized medicine and drive forward transformative changes. Your involvement not only makes a difference but actively crafts the healthcare future tailored by and for patients.


2. Exclusive Reward: As a token of our appreciation for your invaluable contribution, participants will a virtual twin absolutely free. It's our way of saying thank you for advancing the realm of personalized medicine.

3. Convenient Contribution: Experience the future of healthcare firsthand with our proprietary, non-invasive at-home sample kits. Participate effortlessly from the comfort of your home, playing a pivotal role in reshaping tomorrow's healthcare landscape.

Virtual twins are enabling us to create a parallel universe where


Current Research Projects

BioTwin is deeply committed to our current research projects and their potential benefits. Should any of our projects resonate with your personal journey, we encourage you to create a virtual twin and select the project when ordering your free sample kit. BioTwin will do the rest.

BioTwin's Oncology Phase 2 research project aims to enable early cancer detection.

The Biotwin Oncology project is centered around the development of a non-invasive, at-home blood sampling technology designed for early detection of cancer, with a primary focus on pancreatic, colorectal, lung, ovarian, breast, and prostate cancers.

The menopause project aims to deepen the understanding of menopause, help health professionals identify effective management strategies, and assess the benefits and risks associated with hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

The Food Allergy and Food intolerance Biomarkers profile research project, conducted in collaboration with renowned allergy specialist Dr. Jean-Nicolas Boursiquot, will aim to identify specific biomarker profiles associated with various food allergies

The research project aims to identify biomarkers related to Long COVID (CL) or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS). This 12-month study aims to deepen our understanding of the mechanisms of Long COVID (CL) or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), which could lead to improved early detection and implementation of personalized management strategies, benefiting individuals affected by these conditions. To achieve these goals, the research project will leverage virtual twin technology and untargeted metabolomic profiling, with a particular focus on prognosis and monitoring.

The Diabetes Research Initiative seeks to characterize individuals with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, facilitating enhanced monitoring and management of the condition.

The Lifestyle Medecine is a pilot project that provides scores based on biomarkers, biometrics, and questionnaires for the six key pillars of lifestyle medicine, which includes nutrition, physical activity, stress management, sleep, substance use and social connections.  

4 Easy Steps to Participate in a Research Project

Step 1 - Create virtual twin on the TwinMe Portal

Step 2 - Request your Free Sample Kit and choose the Research Project you'd like to join in the settings. Once we receive your order, expect a personalized email guiding you through each step.

Step 3 - Complete Your Profile By Completing the Initial Profile Questionnaire

Step 4 - Complete your sample kit and return to BioTwin

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Are you a Researcher or Healthcare Professional?

At BioTwin, we believe in the power of collaboration. If you're a researcher or healthcare professional passionate about advancing the future of personalized medicine, we invite you to join forces with us.


Looking to embark on a new research journey? Reach out to us, and let's explore the possibilities of creating transformative healthcare solutions together.

Personalized Healthcare Solutions:

Using the virtual twin as a basis, personalized healthcare solutions can be developed. These solutions may include customized treatment plans, preventive measures, lifestyle modifications, and targeted interventions based on the individual's unique health profile.

Health Monitoring and Predictive Analysis:

The virtual twin is employed to monitor the individual's health in real-time. It can provide insights on current health status, identify potential risks, and offer personalized recommendations for maintaining or improving health.

Virtual Twin Creation

Utilizing the algorithms and the collected data, a virtual twin is created. The virtual twin is a digital representation of an individual's health profile, incorporating various aspects such as genetic predispositions, risk factors, disease history, and lifestyle information.

Algorithm Development:

Advanced algorithms are developed to process and analyze the collected data. These algorithms identify patterns, correlations, and insights that can be used to build a comprehensive virtual representation of an individual's health.

Data Collection:

The research teams gather relevant data about individuals' health, including biomarkers, genetic information, medical records, and lifestyle data. This data serves as the foundation for creating the virtual twin.

Latest News

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Affiliations, Partners & Collaborators

Affiliations, Partners & Collaborators

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Get Involved And Become An Ambassador For Change

Even if you don't directly align with a specific research project, your passion for proactive health solutions can still make a significant impact. As a BioTwin Ambassador, you have the power to champion the future of personalized healthcare.

Why Become an Ambassador?

  • Empower Yourself & Others: Create your own "virtual twin" and experience firsthand the possibilities of personalized health insights.

  • Spread the Word: Help us grow by introducing new users to BioTwin, expanding our community and influence.

  • Shape the Future: Your efforts can lead to breakthroughs in predicting, preventing, and treating health concerns, benefiting countless individuals.

Interested in leading the charge and making a difference? Step into the role of an ambassador and be a beacon for better healthcare.

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