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Affiliations, Partners & Collaborators

Affiliations, Partners & Collaborators

Diversity And Inclusion Policy

Last Update: March, 3rd, 2021

Hello there! We are BioTwin (“BioTwin”, “we”, “us” or “”).   BioTwin is committed to promoting a professional environment where all employees are included, valued and treated with dignity and respect. The company will always prioritize a fair inclusion of people of all gender identities, ages, races, ethnicities, cultures, religious or political beliefs, education levels, socioeconomic backgrounds, family or relationship statuses, sexual orientations, genetics, and/or abilities. BioTwin’s commitment to diversity extends to all areas of our business including recruitment, assignments, compensation, forms of leave available to employees,  talent development, flexible work arrangements, board appointments and policies. Our approach to diversity and inclusion is supported by clear actions and code of conducts which are implemented and reviewed on a yearly basis. Concrete actions include:

  • Diversity & Inclusion in the Recruitment – BioTwin is committed to attracting and retaining employees from diverse backgrounds and promoting an inclusive, supportive environment.


  • Employee Handbook – BioTwin has developed a handbook, for all employees that includes strict guidelines to ensure the work environment is free from bullying, harassment, and discrimination and is one in which all employees can strive.


  • Equal Performance Review Practices – BioTwin has developed clear and transparent performance review practices shared by all employees which ensures compliancy and fairness in access to better opportunities.


  • Flexible Workplace Arrangements – BioTwin is assisting employees to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life by offering flexible workplace arrangement and flexible working hours.


  • Leave & Holidays Policies – BioTwin offers its employees generous holidays and leave packages to ensure they have appropriate options for taking time off work. This includes family and medical leave, personal leave, and parental leave.

  If you have any questions regarding our Diversity and Inclusion Policy, do not hesitate to reach out to us, we are here to help! You can e-mail us at      

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