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Allergy Research Project

Developing Innovative Healthcare Related

Decision Support Tools

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Join BioTwin’s Research Project 

BioTwin's food intolerance and/or allergy research project has been approved by an independent ethics committee and aims to develop new decision-making support tools by developing the metabolic profiles of patients suffering from food intolerance and/or food allergies.

The general population can contribute to this research project on food intolerance and/or allergies by joining the control group.

Expected Outcomes of the Research

The main goals of the food intolerance and/or allergy research project are to bring innovative food intolerance and/or allergy management tools to market to help healthcare professionals with:

  1. Early detection

  2. Remote monitoring  

  3. Risk assessment

  4. Historical analysis

Who is eligible?

BioTwin invites patients with food intolerance and/or allergies and the general population to join the project.


Patients with a clinical history / allergy test

  • Food intolerance

  • Food allergies

General population

  • Eligible as a control group

All participants must be at least 14 years old to join the research project.  

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How to Join the Allergy Research Project?

BioTwin makes it easy to join the Allergy Research Project. Follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Create a user account via TwinMe.

To create a user account on TwinMe you by provide a valid email address and create a password. 

Step 2: Complete the "Profile Questionnaire".

Completing the profile questionnaire provides basic information, to calibrate and initiate the development of your user account.  

Step 3: Complete the "Symptom Questionnaire".

This questionnaire is designed for us to get a better understanding of how you are affected by allergies.

Step 4: Order your Free "At-Home Sample Kit".

To complete the process, you'll order an at-home sample kit, which we will deliver to you free of charge. The kit will contain clear instructions and tools required to take non-invasive samples.  

Please note that participants in this research project will not receive individual allergy-related results. Learn more about BioTwin's Privacy Policies.

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Partners & Associations in Allergy-Immunology

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